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How to take care of your wood flooring

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Taking care of wood flooring is simple. It is crucial to maintain the protective poly clear coating. Pet urine and food spills can penetrate the wood grain and leave irreperable black stains. There's little more distressing than a "perfect" black circle in the middle of your living room floor, which you discover as you move a throw rug. Female dogs and cats are likely to urinate in the same spot for years. Take heed. Be aware.

Most Commonly FAQs:

1) How often do I need to get my floor renewed?

Wood flooring needs to be renewed (cleaning and new coat of poly) every 10-30 years (depending on traffic and care).

2) How much will refinishing cost?

Normally a homeowner will have to invest approximately 1/3 the cost of new flooring in a refinishing or renewal, and this SHOULD be done at least once in the 30+ years you own your home. This is a significant cost, but homeownership has many reponsibilities and maintenance investments and wood flooring is a natural product which although durable, is very responsive to its environment. Wood is hydroponic and will move and swell as it absorbs water. At the molecular level, the cells are actually moving, and they will "dance" with whatever it comes in contact with, and they respond to water best of all. Refinishing costs about $2.50 to upwards of $5 per sq ft, depending on your zip code, condition of your floor, etc

3) What can I do to remove a pet stain?

If it is fairly recent and has penetrated the finish coat, it will start to turn black. One solution is to apply rags soaked in Hydrogen Pyroxide, and allow the rags to soak up the material. You can apply a small weight on top. Leave on overnight.

4) How do I best clean and maintain my wood floors?

The best way to maintain your flooring is to remove dust. There are various ways of dust removal. Vacuum cleaners sensitive to wood flooring are effective. Dust mops are another. Whatever is your preference. Dust scratches the floor as people walk on it. If culturally you do not remove shoes in your home, then dust removal will become crucially important. If there is a liquid spill, clean it up with Bona, which dissipatesthe liquid and conditions the poly layer. There are other products out there, often at your local paint stores.Bona is available at your larger box stores.

5) How do I remove dog scratches?

The larger and more athletic the dog, the more scratches will be prevalent. Besides utilizing many area rugs, keeping the dogs in a confined area, and trimming your dog's nails constantly, there is little else to do except repair the scratches. One remedy is to apply laquer thinner on a rag and rub vigorously over the scratch in the direction of the "wood grain" until the scratch recloses. You could refinish just the planks with scratches (tape off from unaffected planks).

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